If you'd like to purchase copies of photos from our publications - you can now do so online.

You can order photos online or by using more traditional methods (see below). 

To purchase online - click the "Order Photographs" button below and following the instructions.  You'll

need to supply the VVP number of the photos you wish to order, as well as your name, address

and contact phone number during the process.

When you purchase photos online you can make payment safely and securely using your credit or

debit card.  We use PayPal, Stripe and Powr.io for our payment system, so expect confirmation

emails from these organisations.

If you'd like to order photos by post - send a cheque (payable to Village Voices Publishing) to:

Village Voices Publishing, PO BOX 692, Rochester, Kent, ME1 9LN. 
Please make sure you enclose your name and address.

Photos are £4.50 each (includes VAT and delivery).  

No minimum order.  Photographs are printed 7" by 5" (inches).

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Photos may not be used for commercial purposes.

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